Christie Millinery

Rare Swiss braid bundle

$120 $294

Gorgeous, rare Swiss braid and straw cloth bundle. Perfect for covering cocktail pieces or adding extra dimension to brims. Pack includes: 

- Irradescent, crinoline backed dusty pink braid  15mtr x 1.5cm 

- Dusty pink textured straw cloth pieces 90cm x 45cm 

- Woven red swiss braid 13m x 3cm 

- Fire engine red textured braid 5.3m x 3cm 

- Powder blue straw cloth x 4 small pieces (for button or alice band coverage) 

- Blue Swiss cobweb straw piece 50 x 40cm 

- White / Navy woven Swiss braid 12m x 3cm 

- Red horizontal pleated crin 2m 

* Price includes regular postage & handling within Australia. Please note that item will not be available to post until 7th of January 2019

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